Medical Billing and Coding

Ultimate Solution for Coding and Billing Needs

Grow Your Revenue with Us

Quest MSO has a team of professionals who have expertise not only in generating clean claims for healthcare providers but also have high rates of getting claims paid through first pass. Our services are a necessary requirement for healthcare providers as it is difficult to manage coding, billing, and attending to the patients at the same time. We at Quest MSO, with the help of our highly trained and well-equipped staff accomplish our goals in minimal time with complete quality assurance. This is what sets us apart from our peers.

Real-time Reporting

Your Practice's Insight

We like to keep our clients in the loop. Therefore, we have day-end, month-end and year-end reports ready for your viewing all the time. All information is just a click away. Also, we make customized reports, generated on request, as per your specific needs and requirements.

Primary Step Must Be Accurate

Accurate coding is a magic trick to get your claims paid in the first go. It is the primary step to get higher first pass rate which ultimately decreases the turn-around time. Billing regulations are complex and fast changing which makes this process a job of experts only.

Affordable Solution

We focus on providing the cost-effective solution without compromising the quality of services.

Claim Acceptance

Accurate billing and coding are fundamental items to achieve the higher claim acceptance rate. Our experts are eager to do it for you.

Improved Cash Flow

Our billers prioritize the claims by dollar value and date of service to improve the cash flow and profitability.


Our certified specialists are ready to support your revenue cycle by providing accuracy in ICD and HCPCS coding.

Encryption and Security

At Quest MSO, we ensure the data security while processing any information to comply with HIPAA.

Customized Reports

We provide customized reports on-demand, based on provider’s preference. It helps to get insights into charge, payment, and adjustment trend.