Practice Audit Services

Detailed Audit of Your Healthcare Facility

If your practice is struggling with disturbed cash flow, a comprehensive audit is must. We at Quest MSO provides your practice insights by conducting full practice audit. Sometimes it is hard to identify the actual problem when you are dealing with a lot of other stuff related to patient’s care. You can leave this part of your practice to us and we will come up with your practice’s loopholes and billing flaws with the best possible resolutions.

Quest MSO has a team of certified experts who identify your financial leakage and come up with resolutions. This helps you in devising a comprehensive summary of your healthcare facility and also enables you to review your complete financial cycle.

Why is It Important?

A Streamlined Process

One of the major concerns in managing accounts receivable. We have to make sure that claims get paid by insurances and patients pay their due balances, if any. A recent study by Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) shows only 70% of medical claims get paid upon first submission. It also claims that 18 out of 30 claims are not resubmitted to payers for a second time which ultimately led to huge financial losses in healthcare facilities. We are here to ask you if you are ready to turn your losses into profits by controlling the financial leakage?

Your Practice Needs an Extra Push

Quest MSO provides you with the most strategical approach to minimize the balance in Accounts Receivable. We do not let your possible revenue drain out. Appropriate and regular working on aging balance can increase your practice revenue by up to 20%. Your practice health is important for us, and we work on to keep it more profitable.

Financial Leakage

Our experts indicate any financial leakage in the revenue cycle process and share the solutions to management.

Coding Verification

We have a team of certified coders, and they verify the coding by analyzing the medical records to make sure that each service is being billed.

Billing Verification

Our professional billers analyze the billing process with all major insurances and identify the areas of improvement.

Billing and Payment Trend

We detect the loopholes where the revenue is stuck and share the potential of the practice based on the billing trend.

Policies and Protocols

Our experts communicate the policies and protocols to bill the claims to all major payers to achieve the higher first pass resolution rate.

Management Reporting

We share a comprehensive report to the management after identifying the financial bleeding which helps in process improvements.