Credentialing Can Be a Complicated Process

Let Us Handle It For You

Simply put, medical practices don’t tend to exist without credentialing. It is mandatory for every healthcare provider to be credentialed to accept patients with insurance. The process is long, complicated, tiring, but absolutely necessary for a healthcare provider to run business.

We at Quest MSO, understand what your practice needs and the frustration that you face while dealing with such processes. And that is why we are here to provide you with the best contracting and credentialing services. Our team walks you through the whole procedure and is with you every step of the way. We also update you real-time on your credentialing application status through a fully developed system.

Process Overview

Hassle-free Business Solution

Quest MSO processes provider application and files documents for CMS, Health Plan Paneling and State Plans by using 855A/B, 855S, 855R and 855I along with other requirements and standards to help new and existing providers, practitioners, medical groups and other facilities to increase their productivity and profitability by making them eligible to accept new insurance plans.

We Make It Simple

Our credentialing process is designed to meet the needs for all types of healthcare facilities. Quest MSO has the team of experts in Medical Credentialing, Provider Enrollment, Verification and Revisits:

CAQH Registration and Enrollment

We get you enrolled with CAQH, it is a credentialing tool that helps in EDI, ERA, and EFT enrollment process for commercial payers.

Insurance Contract Negotiations

We negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of healthcare providers to get the better reimbursement rates.

National Credentialing Experience

At Quest MSO, we have a professional team having the credentialing experience across the country.

Quaterly Revisit

Our passionate credentialing experts keep an eye on all active contracts to identify the need of re-credentialing.

Individual and Facility Enrollment

We are specialized in both, individual and facility enrollments according to the unique needs of your practice.

Special Enrollments

Our credentialing services include the portal registration for insurance companies and update CAQH and PECOS credentialing portals.