Stand-alone Option for Practices

Increase your cash flow with us

Our services also include stand-alone AR Recovery service for healthcare facilities so that they can generate revenue. Aged balance at often becomes unmanageable due to lack of investigation and proper work procedures. Insurance accounts receivable is also a very common occurrence in healthcare facilities irrespective of their size. Such receivable upon time build up huge financial strain on practices.

Our experts at Quest MSO know well how to recover your age-old accounts. We approach each and every untapped penny to get it reimbursed which increases your revenue by 10-20%.

Dedicated Team

Effective Recovery Process

With the help of our dedicated team, we offer you excellent strategies to recover your almost dead money and help you strengthen your bottom line. One of the CMS studies show that 18 claims out of 30 are not resubmitted for reimbursement. Quest MSO believe this as a financial leakage for your practice and will take on the responsibility to recover your lost money. Our team takes up investigative approach and identify the issue promptly. The team then works towards speedy resolution and make the deals with the recovery process on urgent basis.

How It Works

How It Works This service is ideal for medical practices that do not want to outsource their billing operations but have high volume in old AR. As this is a stand-alone service, it will help to recover only old AR balances which will not affect your regular billing operations. Quest MSO does not charge any upfront fees for this service. We will get paid only when you do. PRACTICE AUDIT

Claim Prioritization

Our billers prioritize the claims by dollar value and date of service to improve the cash flow and profitability.

Extra Push

We do not be reluctant to file an appeal for the low ticket claims too. Each claim counts for the improved revenue cycle.

Success Reports

We provide monthly success reports to our valued customers in an easy-to-read format, for a quick overview.

Filing Limit

We sort the claims by payer and timely filing limit to take a swift action on the claims that are on edge of filing limit.

Strong Bottomline

Our experts identify the major denials quickly to get them resolved, it helps to improve the total revenue.

Avoid Future Denials

We share the business process improvements with the management to avoid the future denials.