Paperless Practice

Being paperless is all about eliminating the stress of paperwork, and time saving.

Underlying Need

Being paperless is all about eliminating the stress of paperwork, and time saving.

It is always a stress for healthcare facilities to deal with the paper stuff. We can help you to convert your current paper environment totally into electronic data interchange setting. This option will enable you to obtain quick results starting from the eligibility verification process to the payment or denial landing activity. Converting each bit of transaction electronically will impact for the overall improvement in the whole process. Are you ready to make your practice paperless?

Time Saving

Electronic transactions will save a bunch of time for your administrative staff so that they can focus on other important tasks rather than scanning and printing the documents.

Fast Delivery

By adopting an electronic environment for your practice, you will have the privileges of fast delivery option, whether it is claim submission or receiving payments.

Secure Option

Electronic data transferring is a secure option to transfer data between your practice management system to clearinghouse.

EDI Enrollment

EDI enrolment with all payors to enable your practice to send electronic claims.It will boost-up the claim acceptance rate and will deliver quick results.

Modernize Process

Modernize your operational process will help you to reach out to the practice-related data to oversee the operation quickly for decision making.

ERA/EFT Enrollment

ERA enrolment option will help you to receive payments or denials electronically. It will lower the turn-around time. EFT enrolment is for direct deposit into you bank.